David Soliman


Following his internship at Lakewood Church, David Soliman tapped into his calling for evangelism and outreach. His vision has always been to build bridges in our communities that connects and extends Jesus Christ’s hope, love and grace to all.

Born and raised in Egypt at a Pastor home, David’s own journey has empowered and equipped him to contribute greatly in developing genuine relationships wholly leaning of Jesus’ commission for His church to become a reflection of Him. Bridge His Grace, and its programs help Christians to understand and better connect with the Muslim world (John 3:16).

David Soliman began his architectural and engineering career in Boston, Massachusetts, before moving to Houston in 1998. As an entrepreneur, he has spent the last two decades in the automotive industry, where he’s had a unique opportunity to become an ambassador for Christ in the business arena. Through Bridge His Grace, he partners with organizations, churches and individuals around the country who seeks to stand in the gap for “the least among us”.

Mila Soliman

Mila Soliman was born and raised in Venezuela, with much of her formative years serving people in her local communities. She graduated with Business Administration and Management degree, and had since pursued her professional career in corporate management and administration. Mila worked in various functional roles in multinational corporations, and later worked as Internal Corporate Auditor for leading financial institution, American Express. She is the comptroller of Autoequation Automobile Company.

Mila found her turning point in ministry when she began serving the Lord at Lakewood Church as staff member. Over a period of 5 years, she was actively involved in hands-on ministry work, supporting the church’s message of hope and grace to the Houston community and also to many more across the United States and the world. Her passion is to, through Christ’s help, do everything she can to please the heart of her Heavenly Father!!

Harrison Wilder

Educated in Political Science (BA) and Business (Exec MBA), Harrison's zeal for politics and business has been overshadowed by a passion for ministry. For almost 20 years, Harrison was developed as a leader and communicator under his Pastors at Capital City Church in Washington, DC where he served as the Executive Pastor. Following a call to Houston, TX, Harrison and his wife and three children now serve as volunteers in Lakewood Church. An author, speaker, business strategist and aspiring philanthropist, Harrison brings a wealth of experience to the Bridging His Grace team.